Brooklyn Circus Cabaret

“They know what they're doing, with how to keep you safe and push you towards the horizon - metaphorically and physically.”
- Elizabeth Foster

“I loved [The Muse] so much, and the people were so incredibly welcoming and kind.”
- Morgan Smith

“The Muse has been everything to me that it says it is... inspirational and enabling for all walks of innovation and creativity. ”
- Joanna Wallfisch

“I LOVE The Muse. Every time I go there it makes me so happy. Thank you guys for all the work you do to make and keep it magical.”
- Elías Krell

Review from Vimbly Customer Rebecca Gordon:
“No experience is required [for Wall Running]. The teacher, Rebecca, was extremely friendly and welcoming. Class size was small (about 6) and a mixture of different level students. Everyone gets a turn and you definitely won't feel ignored. Core strenght can be a great asset for this class. But clearly not needed as I got by just ok. Lol. Thanks Rebecca and the Muse team. Great class mates as well!”

Review from Vimbly Customer Kelsie Bissell:
“Amazing instructor! Garret was really friendly & energetic and great at helping students at different levels of experience. I learned a lot from him!”

Review from KidPass Customer Justine L.:
Amazing and awesome! We are going back. The girls (age 6) LOVED it.

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