Brooklyn Circus Cabaret


Elizabeth Foster

“They know what they're doing, with how to keep you safe and push you towards the horizon - metaphorically and physically.”


Morgan Smith

“I loved [The Muse] so much, and the people were so incredibly welcoming and kind.”


Joanna Wallfisch

“The Muse has been everything to me that it says it is... inspirational and enabling for all walks of innovation and creativity. ”


Review from Vimbly Customer: Rebecca Gordon

No experience is required [for Wall Running]. The teacher, Rebecca, was extremely friendly and welcoming. Class size was small (about 6) and a mixture of different level students. Everyone gets a turn and you definitely won't feel ignored. Core strenght can be a great asset for this class. But clearly not needed as I got by just ok. Lol. Thanks Rebecca and the Muse team. Great class mates as well!


Review from Vimbly Customer: Kelsie Bissell

Amazing instructor! Garret was really friendly & energetic and great at helping students at different levels of experience. I learned a lot from him! 

 Review and testimonial from KidPass

Review and testimonial from KidPass