The circus arts have a special power to bring communities together and lift them up. With the knowledge and skill that comes from this practice, we can tap into our self expression, creativity, and strength. By expanding access to youth circus camps, increasing class offerings for the differently-abled, and deepening partnerships with local community organizations, The Muse seeks to share and build upon the many benefits -- physical, emotional, and social -- that the circus arts have to offer.

Here are some of the programs we have up and running -- there are more in the works!

Cirque: Pay it Forward

Circus training is notoriously expensive. Behind every class is a highly-trained teacher, sky-high insurance, and a foolproof rigging system (not to mention Brooklyn rent!). With our new Cirque: Pay it Forward initiative, we’ve come up with a way for members of our community to give each other a hand. We’re building a wall of gift certificates -- free tickets to classes, performances, and events -- and anyone is welcome to give to it when they can and take from it when they need. Cirque: Pay it Forward builds community as it creates access. So if you’re having a good week, stop by and pay it forward by buying a gift certificate or two or three for a future circus star in need. And know that on those bad days or weeks or months, our home is your home, too.

Family Room & Open Play

Family room is a unfacilitated playground where we invite young children (0 - 6 years) to explore, make friends, share information, and just be with others. Every day we set up a unique indoor obstacle course and adventureland with lots of room to run around, play, create, and relax. We turn no families away for lack of funds, and we are honored to share this safe space for families in our neighborhood and beyond to learn and grow together.

Private Workshops

Collective circus practice can be a powerful supportive tool for any body! Our teachers are enthusiastic about working with learners of all ages and abilities. We’ve found that specially-tailored circus workshops are a meaningful component of workplace and collective anti-oppression trainings, teambuilding ventures, and community field trips. We host workshops off-site and at our studio for youth, differently-abled folks, and local community groups and collectives.

Youth Circus Intensives

Our Youth Circus intensives are -- first and foremost -- a lot of fun. For two weeks every summer and winter, we invite youth to participate in a series of curated workshops and group activities that build their strength, coordination, creativity, trust, and self-confidence.  Through facilitated lessons and group play, participants learn a variety of skills and piece them together into a show that they perform for their families and friends. From characters and costuming to ticket and poster design, students have full creative control of their performance. We offer scholarships to Bushwick-based youth and low-income families so that any child can have an opportunity to participate.

How to Get Involved

We’re always looking for volunteers and community groups with whom we can collaborate. Email: with your dreams and ideas. If you’ve got all of the love and less of the time, you can donate to The Muse through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.