Space Rentals

Interested in Renting Our Space?

With 6000 sq ft of clear warehouse space and 3000 sq ft of outdoor space, The Muse Brooklyn is poised to accommodate variety of large events, productions, and rehearsals, while still being flexible enough to configure into an intimate black box theater for smaller needs.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • 30 ft ceiling heights

  • 2 full size loading docks

  • Parking available for numerous trucks

  • Operational gantry crane

  • Multiple rigging points

  • Light & sound systems

  • A manual aerial track system

  • Furniture

  • Refrigerators and Bar

  • Laundering capabilities

  • Restrooms

  • 1,1000 standing capacity

  • Crash pads & mats

  • Various apparatuses

  • Full sized ball pit and bounce house

  • …and MORE!

The Muse can also provide experienced riggers, track operators, aerial dance/circus choreographers and performers, including but not limited to all aerial arts, stunt performers, fire performers and much more!

Fill out our rental questionnaire here for quote information and to schedule a site visit!

Interested in Renting Circus Equipment?

We have several items available to rent here at The Muse! See our list of equipment below.

For all rental inquires contact:

Equipment Available to Rent:

  • Portable Aerial Rig

  • Crash Pads

  • Carpeted Gymnastics Tumbling Mats

  • Panel Mats & Cheese Mats

  • Large Cylindrical Mat &  Small Cylindrical Mat

  • 2 Fluffy Mats 12" x 60" x 80" - Fabric: Soft Denim

  • 3-Level Pit System
    Overall pit size 32" x 60" x 120"
    2 each 24" x 60" x 60" - attaches to make the base mat
    Then an 8" x 60" 120" that attaches on top

  • 2 Rock Exotica Butterfly Lifts (see details below)

  • Aerial Apparatuses:

    • Aerial Silks and/or Hammocks - Colors: Black, Silver, Burgundy, Navy, Red, Sage, Purple, Gold, White

    • Double Point Trapezes

    • Lyras

    • Aerial Triangle

    • Handstand Bricks & Canes

    • Hula Hoops

  • Other:

    • Folding Chairs

    • Stacking Chairs

    • White Wedding Folding Chairs

    • Cabaret-style Booths and Cocktail Tables with Small Black Ottomans

    • Popcorn Machine

    • Stanchions with Red Velvet Rope

    • Bounce Houses

Butterfly Lift.jpg

Turn manual work into effortless playtime with
The Butterfly Lift by Rock Exotica!

Available no where else in NYC, you can find it right here at The Muse Brooklyn. 
Minimal manual labor, no-fuss transportation, unlimited potential for an affordable price.
In collaboration with Performance Rigging Solutions.

Easy to use, easy to move, the Butterfly Lift is the FIRST and ONLY rigging apparatus of it's kind in New York City. Spend less effort on rigging and more on your professional performances and rehearsals.

With payloads up to 350lbs, you can:

  • Swiftly lower a payload line to a stage.

  • Attach a load or performer on the payload line.

  • Immediately unlock a pre-set counterweight and raise/lower the performer with minimal manual effort.

  • Smoothly fly the performer at 6-8 feet per second (max speed varies with operator technique and strength). Perfect for live performances!

  • Dismount the performer from the apparatus while retaining control of the counterweight via a foot-operated locking system.

  • Immediately retract the payload line from view.

The Butterfly Lift is currently available for rental, training sessions, workshops, and operating certifications.  Email us at

Check out a video of our company ABCirque performing in our unique space!


Sneak peek of two shoots we have hosted recently:

Had a blast juggling in Identity Media and Papillon Collective's "Papillon Circus" this May with a great group of performers, stylists, technicians and filmmakers.

Directed by: Rachel Fleit & Daniel Leeb
The Woman: Molly Rosen Guy
President & Founder: Anne Deane Ohln/D
Creative Director: Jacob Park