Artists in Residence

Are you an aspiring artist needing space? Apply to The Muse Brooklyn’s Artist-in-Residence program and become part of our community of high-flyers and artists. At the Muse, we are well-acquainted with the hustle -- we know that artists do not necessarily have the resources to produce the work of their dreams. Our Artists-in-Residence receive support from the Muse on all fronts: with discounted or free rehearsal space, reduced event rental rates, and access to materials and promotional support. We make it possible for emerging artists to incubate new works that add dynamism and depth to the growing world of circus arts in NYC. 


Michael Bauer

Michael Bauer in affiliation with Loom Ensemble theater company ( is honored to be chosen as a Muse Artist in Residence. Michael has worked with Loom Ensemble devising shows in NYC, Italy, and Dubai. So what is a "devised show?" Well the process begins on day 1 where the cast sits in a circle and answers the question "what is important to you as artists right now?" then using that as a jumping off point, we make a show from scratch. Getting the chance to combine that process with the tremendous resources of the Muse as well as the talent from the Muse circus and dramatic community has been a windfall of fun. Come check out our final product!

Performance dates at The Muse: May 6th and 7th


Millie li

Born in Sichuan, China, artist Millie Li focuses on abstracted forms of internal bodies, which she deems "portraits of the universal, visceral bond of all sensuous life forms". A graduate of Columbia University with Departmental Honors in Film Studies, Li has worked for Tony and Academy-Award-winning producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men) and Michael Hausman (Brokeback Mountain) and was an animator for comedian Negin Farsad's Nerdcore Rising and 3rd Street Blackout. Li also co-produced The Land Is Stale, an independent mystery-thriller web series. Li was the former Administrative Director and Marketing Manager for the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) -- a circus arts and modern dance training facility, performing arts space, and home to MacArthur 'Genius' Award Fellow Elizabeth Streb and her Extreme Action dance company!

See Millie's artwork on the walls of The Muse!
Photos by: Joel Bischoff

A length of rope Ariel Schmidtke Muse Artist in Residence

Ariel Schmidtke

A Length of Rope Tour is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tour sponsored by Anchorage Community Works. This tour will circle the United States offering donation based performances and workshops across the country. The Muse is excited to present them on May 5th as an Artist-in-Residence!
A Length of Rope explores the significant choices we come to in life, with a rope and trapeze suspended on opposing sides of each intersection. These two circus apparatuses represent the struggle of choosing between different directions—be it a choice of place, identity, friendship, or love. There is no fourth wall in this show, spectators can see Schmidtke's hands tremble from physical exhaustion and some portions are performed among the audience members. The show’s relatability and vulnerability invite spectators to project their own choices on the performance and explore for themselves their lost possibilities. In this way, the work is innovative, it pushes beyond circus, beyond drama, to a place of intimate connection.

Performance Date at The Muse: May 5th



Lisa Giobbi has been working in what is now commonly known as aerial dance for many years with the intention of developing movement which challenges gravitational limitations. Lisa is interested in the use of aerial track harness as a tool to transform the dancer through experimentation with ungrounded movement realities. Her work in aerial track harness is evolving towards a re-discovered dance form, in which all classical story lines of conflict, love, betrayal and courage are re-examined through this adaptable apparatus. Lisa Giobbi Movement Arts is focused on investigating the ability to create suspended belief through gravitationally alternative movement.


Application Process: Please fill out our event rental questionnaire with detailed info about your proposed concept. Please also send an email to with further information about your rehearsal needs, creative vision, and work history.

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