Our Hearts Beat Circus and that’s why we’ve been working overtime to secure a solid future for our circus home.

With YOUR help, we’ve made great strides in doing just this. But we’re not done.

We have big dreams and all the work ethic to back it up.
But there is still room to grow.

We’ve reached negotiations with our landlords that have granted us up to 3 more years at 350 Moffat st if we so choose.
But this is still a temporary solution.

If you’d like to join our mission of keeping circus arts thriving in NYC, consider making a tax deductible donation or taking action with us:
We’re currently seeking help with real estate, investments, collaborations, and capital funding.
Thoughts, ideas, and opportunities are welcome.

Please email us at to discuss further and don’t forget to check out the variety of services we offer as a community space, training facility, and venue.