Ongoing Weekly Classes for Kids

Circus NYC Brooklyn New York Kids Circus Class

Kids Cirque 3-12 years

Aerial Silks for children thru age 12. No experience required! This class will focus on exercises to get kids comfortable in the air. It will teach them basic skills they’ll use in Kids’ Cirque 2.

kids Cirque 2 - ages 3-12 Years

An intermediate level kids class for children thru age 12. Does your child have experience with aerial silks? Are they ready to take on more challenging and exciting movement? If so, Kids' Cirque 2 is perfect for them!

Prerequisites: basic climbs (wrap and Russian), foot-locks, and ability to execute basic sequences on the fabric. 

Adventure play circus

In this class, children are invited to explore physical challenges, play with their imagination and take physical, social and emotional risks to develop their confidence, skills and independence. The facilitator is there to construct and maintain an interesting and challenging physical environment that encourages free play and exploration. He also interacts with the children when invited or needed, and above all always makes sure the children have risks and challenges to choose, not hazards that will surprise them.

Advanced Kids and Teens Silks Ages 13 and Up

Circus isn’t just for grown-ups anymore! In this class, our younger acrobats learn how to climb and twirl like the pros. Students are taught skills and techniques appropriate to their age and strength, and move forward with their circus practice with the guidance and support of a dedicated teacher. No previous experience necessary.

Family Acro

Acro for the whole family! Parents and children between the ages of 5-9 will learn how to work together, problem solve, deepen bonds, and gain strength and flexibility together in a safe, fun environment.

Circus Family room

Suggested donation $10
Family room is the time and place for a parent/guardian and child (0-6 years) to come and explore the world, play, and connect. It is a place for families to get to know each other, enjoy, make friends, share information and just be with others in this crowded city that sometimes makes you feel alone. We’ll have mats, fabric, balls, blocks, crafts, costumes, and inventive gym mat obstacle courses to explore.