Guest Workshops


6-Week Straps Workshop with Stuart Mckenzie
Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm September 13th - October 18th

Stuart Mckenzie.png

Taking your aerial straps to more advanced levels! The main focus will be on sequencing straps technique that can evolve into an act, or can translate to other aerial disciplines.
Pre-Requisites: Some straps experience required: (5 straight arm leg lifts, 5 pull ups, 3 skin the cats is recommended)

Price for all 6 classes: $250
Comes with 6 weeks of complimentary open workout for the duration of the workshop series.

About Stuart:
Stuart was born in London and began gymnastics at the age of 12. He represented Great Britain in Sports Acrobatics for 10 years where his Men's Four achieved a ranking of No. 1 in the world.
Stuart recently created a new duo Aerial Straps act for Mystere at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Other notable performances involved special events for CDS including more recently the Opening Ceremony for the Pan Am Games and One Night for One Drop.


6-Week Contortion Intensive Series with Angela Kim
September 12th - October 17th - Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm or 7:30-9:30pm
September 13th - October 18th - Thursdays from 5-7pm

Angela Kim Contortion.png

This contortion training program will lead students to more extreme skills by first exploring various bridge variations, forearmstands, handstands, and an intro to chest stands. Learn how to properly get in and out of positions using strength and control. 

Cost is $250 for all 6 classes - class occurs once a week.
Comes with 6 weeks of complimentary open workout for the duration of the workshop series.
These workshops are open to all levels


Advanced Contortion Intensive Series with Angela Kim
September 13th - October 18th
Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm

Join Angela Kim for this advanced 6 week contortion series!

This contortion training program will lead students to more extreme skills exploring various bridge shapes, chest stands, elbow stands, and handstands. Learn how to properly get in and out of positions using strength and control. The goal after 6 weeks will be to sequence skills for endurance and performance quality.

Cost is $250 for all 6 classes - class occurs once a week.
Comes with 6 weeks of complimentary open workout for the duration of the workshop series.

This class is by approval only and limited to 5 students. Submit videos for consideration to After approval, you can purchase the series below:


Free Nacan Training
October 4th from 3-4pm

Housing Works Community Healthcare fosters good health and positive social change through empowerment, innovation, and collaboration. They provide high-quality integrated medical care and other essential servies that improve indivudal and overall community well-being.

Participants will receive a free Narcan kit as well as educational materials and will become certified opioid overdose responders.

Presentation will include information on:
-Opioids – what they do, and examples of commonly used opioids. Especially Fentanyl and its relationship with the increase in overdose deaths in NY
-What an opioid overdose is
-How to recognize when someone is having an opioid related overdose
-What Narcan is and how it can reverse an overdose
-Teach individuals how to respond to an opioid overdose using Narcan
-Discuss the potential causes of overdose
-Harm reduction approach to overdose prevention
-911 Good Samaritan Law
-How to receive a refill of Narcan if expired or used


Work With Your Body: Practical Anatomy for Aerial Artists
Taught by: Dr. Emily Scherb
October 8th from 10am-6pm

Emily Scherb.jpg

How do I get more stronger and more flexible?
How do I achieve that next level of skill?
How do I build the strength to do that cool trick?
How do I stop getting hurt when I train?

This full-day class answers the questions that aerialists ask most often and helps them learn how to work with your body, rather than against it. We’ll talk about how your shoulders, core, and hips work together to move you through space, and how the right biomechanics can help you stretch further and be functionally stronger.

Most important, we’ll talk about how to train to your limits without getting hurt.

Based on the latest research and lots of practical, circus-specific examples, this class will help you understand your body—and your training—in a whole new way.

About Dr. Emily Scherb:
Dr. Emily Scherb is a physical therapist with a lifelong passion for understanding human movement.

She’s been a practicing aerialist for over twenty-five years and has dangled from balloons, danced in the air, and swung from trapezes. That background inspired her to specialize her practice on circus and aerial artists. She has a proven track record of helping patients who have not seen results with traditional physical therapy due to her unique perspective on how the body works both on the ground and in the air.

As an educator, she travels the country teaching circus artists, instructors, and healthcare professionals about the unique physical demands and challenges of training the body to do incredible feats.

She received her graduate degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and now lives in Seattle, where she works with professional and pre-professional circus artists through her positions as Resident Physical Therapist at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts and as the Company Physical Therapist for the contemporary circus company Acrobatic Conundrum.

Her first book, Applied Anatomy of Aerial Artists, releases in 2018.


Acrobatic Conundrum Takeover:
Intermediate Dance Trapeze with Xochitl Sosa
October 10th from 7pm-9pm


This workshop is all about spinning and finding transitions with the spin. We will learn some traditional low flying dance trapeze techniques as well as a more contemporary take on the single point trapeze. Since Dance Trapeze is usually about flow and movement we will work in sequences, concentrating on being moved by the spin instead of moving around the spin.

Prerequisites: 3 straight arm straddle ups, 1 arm hang, meathooks.


Acrobatic Conundrum Takeover:
Rolling Up: Intermediate/Advanced Rope with Terry Crane
October 11th from 5pm-7pm

Rolling up is about learning how to use your core strength and flexibility, as well as organizing your body to use balance and weight to your advantage. In this workshop, we begin on the ground, and learn a progression of exercises to which will break down the technique to roll up the rope. As time permits, we’ll work on a variety of knots and styles of rolling up the rope.

Prerequisites : 1 year of rope or tissue training, ability to do 4 pull-ups, ability to do 8 bent-arm, or 4 straight-arm straddle-ups.


Acrobatic Conundrum Takeover:
Condition Your Handstand with Melissa Knowles
October 11th from 7:30pm-9:30pm


Come ready to train and work hard! This will be a fast paced
workshop with lots of core, shoulder, and compression work that will use solo and partnered drills. Focus will be on good form and technique for each exercise to insure the best positioning possible.

Prerequisites: Ability to kick into a handstand against the wall, Hold a plank for one minute on your hands in good form


Acrobatic Conundrum Takeover:
Silks Sequencing with Xochitl Sosa
October 12th from 4pm-6pm

This workshop focuses on combining new and inventive wraps into sequences on the silks. We will find new ways into conventional positions as well as learning how to move with the silks and find emphasis in stylizing movement. This is an intermediate level workshop for people who are comfortable inverting in the air and can move through a 1-2 minute sequence.

Prerequisites: Inversion in the air, hip key in the air.


Chinese Pole Workshop Series with Marco Ingaramo
October 27th & 28th from 1pm-3pm
$135 Earlybird Price
$155 Regular Price

Marco Ingaramo.jpg

This two-day workshop will be focused on dynamic tricks, drops and sequences on the pole and on the floor with an eye on fluidity and smooth connections between tricks.

Level: Intermediate

Earlybird pricing ends on October 20th

About Marco:
Marco Ingaramo started circus at La Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009. He is currently performing Chinese Pole and Teeterboard in Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere" in Las Vegas.


Partner Acrobatics: Mini Intensive
Taught by: Tom and Ayla
November 16th - 18th from 10am-1pm

All 3 days/9 hours total: $220 Earlybird Price, $275 Regular Price
Single day/3 hours total: $100 Earlybird Price, $120 Regular Price

Tom and Ayla Acro.jpg

**Earlybird pricing ends November 1st!

The focus of this three-day workshop will be on using the right technique, finding the most effective way to do tricks and learning some cool elements in partner acrobatics. Participants will learn how to break down complex skills, how to work with dynamic energy, cool flying tricks, creative ways to enter and exit tricks. 
Each workshop will start with a specific warm up followed by a handstand training. You will learn drills and progressions to improve your hand to hand, foot to hand and standing acrobatics.

This workshop is open to all levels. 

Note: Partner Required

About Tom & Ayla:
Tom & Ayla are professional circus artists and teachers who started training dutch acrobatics, upgraded it with Ukrainian technique, refined their work under tutelage of various experienced coaches and incorporate elements of dance and martial arts in their movement.
Some of their teachers are: Jim and Det, Wybren Wouda (ACAPA; Codarts), Slava Kukuskin (Kiev; Moscow; ESAC).


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