Guest Workshops


Demystifying Your Body Series with Nicki Miller
April 21st
$45 for one workshop, $80 for both

Demystifying Shoulder Rotation  -  12:30-2pm
Demystifying Lower Back and Hip Mobility  -  2:30-4pm


Demystifying Shoulder Rotation:
This workshop is for movers of all levels who seek a better understanding of how to care for healthy shoulders. In acrobatics (aerial, handstands, partner acro)- we ask a lot more of our shoulders than in our day to day movement. The importance of strong rotator cuffs for healthy shoulder mobility is a familiar concept to most people, but what the rotator cuff is and how it works is not as commonly explained. In this workshop we will look at images that help clarify anatomy of the shoulder complex, explore each students healthy ranges of motion and go over various shoulder rotation exercises and strategies to gain increased range of motion and control. We will look at how this work translates to aerial and acrobatics to further contextualize the importance of this work in a training practice.

Demystifying Lower Back and Hip Mobility:
This workshop is for movers of all levels who seek to find greater freedom in their low back and hip mobility. In this workshop we will look at images that help clarify anatomy of the lower spine, pelvis and hip joints. We will identify some common movements where low/back hip dissociation is useful in circus, and students will explore their current ranges of motion and any compensation patterns that might be occurring. The work will consist of spinal articulations, hip mobility exercises and cues to help students find proper isolation and engagement of the low back, pelvis and hip joints for increased range of motion, strength and flexibility. We will work on the floor and follow movement pathways that translate to those students might use in aerial and acrobatic movement.

Both workshops are open to all levels!

About Nicki:
Nicki is an aerialist, actor, creator and co-founding artistic director of Only Child Aerial Theatre. In addition to performing as an aerialist in projects throughout NYC, notable credits include aerial choreographer for in Ripe Time’s "The World is Round" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Only Child Aerial Theatre’s "ASYLUM" (co-author, director and performer) at NYU's Skirball Center for Performing Arts. Nicki has been as resident artist with the Santa Barbara Floor to Air Festival, The Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto, Toronto Circus Sessions at the Harbourfront Centre, the New Victory LabWorks Program (NYC) and Frantic Assembly's Advanced Training Programme/Performance (London). Nicki recently completed a creative residency in Sweden at Cirkus Cirkör, where she also shadowed their director Olle Strandberg on the premiere of his new show "Under."
Nicki is also an NASM certified personal trainer with 10 years experience. Specialty certifications include Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Corrective Exercise, and Pre/Post-Natal training.
Nicki offers classes and private lessons in aerial rope, silks, smart conditioning for all levels and aerial choreography/act development.


Duo Straps Workshop
Taught by Cirque du Soleil artists Sasha Harrington & Andrew Adams
April 22nd from 1-3pm


Duo Straps broadens the possibilities for movement on this apparatus. Aside from the benefits of being able to connect with another person, working with a partner allows for a departure from using only typical solo straps skills, although we will touch on those basics as well. We will focus on counter balance technique, one arm partner sequencing, straps basing, and act development. No need to bring a partner - we will all take turns working with each other!

Prerequisites: Be able to do a pull up and a straddle up

About Andrew and Sasha:
Andrew and Sasha began their circus careers on opposite sides of their country with opposite disciplines. Andrew was a juggler in New York and a performer with Circus Smirkus and Sasha was a gymnast for the Southern California Acrobatic Team. They came together in Las Vegas, while Andrew was doing high wire for Spiegelworld's "Absinthe" and Sasha was doing straps for Cirque du Soleil's "Love." Highlights of their careers include performing for Teatro Zinzani, Cirque du Soleil, Spiegelworld, and receiving the Arte Special Prize at the 39th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.


Biceps, Ballet & Booze... Meet you at the Bar, Barre, Bar!
April 22nd from 5:30-7pm

Single Admission: $40
Duo Admission: $60


Back by popular demand!

Bring a friend or date or meet one here, and come get circus strong with us. We'll do 45 minutes of ballet barre, 45 minutes of conditioning and tricks on the trapeze bar, and then send you and your friend to our favorite neighborhood bar for some drink specials. Surprise yourself and learn to fly, dance, and celebrate! We'll keep things fun, keep things moving, make you strong and elegant. Get in your pull-ups and pointed toes and then reward yourself for your hard work. Lengthening and strengthening, finding balance and getting buff; the workshop has something for everyone. Perfect for absolute beginners looking for a fun workout or the seasoned circus artist/dancer looking to balance out their training with some cross-conditioning and cocktails. Buy one full price ticket and get one half off.


Workshops with Jenn Bruyer & PJ Perry
April 28th & 29th

April 28th:
Crossback Straddle Exploration - 10:30am-12:30pm
Beats Technique - 1:30pm-3:30pm

April 29th:
Scorpions and Flags on Rope - 10:30am-12:30pm
Add On Drops - 1:30pm-3:30pm

Price per workshop: $80

Crossback Straddle Exploration with Jenn Bruyer:
Fabric has always been a crowd favorite. Understanding how to use some of the most recognizable visual elements [like cross back straddle] in a more integrated and compelling way can not only help expand your vocabulary but ultimately improve your audience engagement.
In this workshop we’ll explore some of the unexpected and even bizarre ways to set up this quintessential aerial silks trick to keep your audience guessing, from highly complex and intricate to straightforward and dynamic! And once we’re there we’ll flip, dive, contort and wrap for some unusual exits.
Pre-requisites: Proficiency with Cross Back Straddle and Aerial Dance Footlocks

Beats Technique with PJ Perry:
Build a beat from the center of your body through your limbs. This workshop is appropriate for folks new AND experienced in beats as PJ focuses on the foundation of momentum and how one beat literally leads to another, and another. Expect to learn OR refine those straddle beats as well as scissors, with an exploration of planche, meat hook, break beats, flares, and side beat transitions as a possibility.
Pre-Requisite: Must be able to lower slowly out of a straddle inversion with straight arms and control.

Scorpions & Flags on Rope with PJ Perry:
This is a workshop focusing on the multiple entries into scorpion and flag (side planche) from static to dynamic. Examples: front beat to scorpion, side beat to scorpion, backstep to scorpion, handstand press to scorpion, backstep to flag, scissor beat to flag, planche to flag, and pop-thru to flag.
**Note that flag is also referred to as side planche**
This is an advanced technique class for the serious rope student or professional rope artist

Add On Drops For Fabric with Jenn Bruyer:
Big drops can be scary and confusing, but sometimes they are just a sequence of simple movements all stacked together.
This workshop will explore drops that fall into this category. Students will leave with a better understanding of deconstructing drops. We will focus on the technique used to change direction in the air, the acuity required to construct new drops and a systematic approach to walking out of complicated scenarios.
Students can expect to work on conditioning and direction changes in the sling, fundamental wraps and simple drops with precision as well as work toward executing more advanced and complicated drops.

Level: Intermediate
Pre-requisites: Ability to identify 4 basic wraps: Catcher/S-lock/Figure 8, Hiplock, Proficiency with windmill (wheeldown)

About PJ Perry:

PJ has been multi-disciplinary aerialist since 2008, specializing in corde lisse since 2013. She loves the simplicity of this apparatus and thrives on chasing momentum. She currently lives in Bellingham, Washington, and coaches rope and handstands at Versatile Arts in Seattle. Her background is in biomechanics and kinesiology. When she is not in the air, she teaches collegiate courses in kinesiology and coaches movement re-education sessions to older adults as a master Pilates instructor.
PJ has performed with the Aerialistas, Bellingham Circus Guild, the Dream Science Circus, Moisture Festival, Apogee Aerial Dance Festival, Southern Fried Circus Festival, Vashon Open Air Festival, Denver Aerial Arts Festival, Vancouver Circus Festival and in Stuttgart, Germany, at the Friedrichsbau Variete. She is currently focusing on traveling to learn from the masters as well as to teach her own, unique style.

About Jenn Bruyer:

Jenn has been immersed in aerial arts since 2008. She is driven by her focus on silks and sling (hammock) but also enjoys exploring cord lisse, trapeze, lyra, net and rope & harness. She has coached, choreographed and performed across the US from New York to Alaska. And has recently resettled in Seattle, WA after completing a 5 month 25 city workshop tour. As an Aerial Coach, she seeks to provide the highest quality progressive instruction to aerialists of all abilities from novice to professional performer. Her mission as a human is to cultivate a warm, non-judgmental learning environment that fosters community, to build personal physical and emotional strength within the individuals who participate in this environment and methodically construct a vehicle by which to create art.

Learn more about her at or follow her on Instagram at @heelhang


6-Week Workshop Intensives with Angela Kim & Stuart McKenzie
Beginning the 2nd week of May
Cost per workshop: $250

Angela & Stuart - photo by RJ Muna HI RES3.jpg

Contortion Intensive - Mondays from 7:30-9:30pm
Advanced Hand 2 Hand - Mondays from 7-9pm
Aerial Straps - Tuesdays from 7-9pm
Aerial Boot Camp - Fridays from 2-3pm

Contortion with Angela Kim
This contortion training program will lead students to more extreme skills exploring various bridge shapes, chest stands, elbow stands, and handstands. Learn how to properly get in and out of positions using strength and control. The goal after 6 weeks will be to sequence skills for endurance and performance quality.

Advanced H2H with Stuart McKenzie
For this 6-week intensive course we will focus on h2h Sports Acrobatic technique using balance and tempo elements. Students will refine their technique and learn new skills. The goal it to create mixed pair images at performance quality.
Pre-Requisites: H2H experience required (send demo videos to This workshop is by approval only.

Aerial Straps Intensive with Stuart McKenzie
Taking your aerial straps to more advanced levels! The main focus will be on sequencing straps technique that can evolve into an act, or can translate to other aerial disciplines.
Pre-Requisites: Some straps experience required: (5 straight arm leg lifts, 5 pull ups, 3 skin the cats is recommended)

Aerial Boot Camp with Stuart McKenzie
Flying into fitness!
Open to all levels and abilities to enjoy a fun and energizing aerial conditioning fly camp class. Artists will achieve the aerial fundamentals focusing on core engagement and shoulder stabiliazation through flexibility, strength, and body awareness.
The class will cover a versatile variety of aerial equipment from straps to lyra to silks inviting all artists to challenge their aerial fitness levels and improve their overall health and well being.

Angela and Stuart have a combined performance experience of 11 years in Cirque du Soleil.
For more details on their background, visit our Instructors page


Beginning H2H Workshop Series with Yoni Kallai and Angela Butch
Tuesdays, May 8th-June12th from 7-9pm
Cost $250


Join Muse founder Angela Butch and her partner Yoni Kallai this Spring!

This 6 week workshop series will have a closed group from start to finish which will allow for a well structured progression and individual attention.

We will cover:
- Introduction & Clean up of basic Hand to hand and foot to hand
- Proper grip and tension
- Inversions- head, arms and hands
- Loading in/jumping into hand to hand/foot to hand/hand to foot
- Transitioning between positions on the same base
- Base & Flyer specific drills & conditioning

Space is limited, so sign up now!