Guest Workshops


Hula Hoop Hoop Hoop Hooray! with Francis Stallings
September 28th  -  5:30pm-7pm

francisstallings hoop workshop circus nyc.jpg

Join Francis Stallings for this fun hooping workshop!

We will start with a light warm up and stretching. Then work on hooping around the waist, hands (transferring from one to hand to other, isolations, and weaving), feet, knees, elbows, up the rib cage, around the neck and shoulders, and maybe multiple hoops depending on the progress.

No experience required!

Registration: $18 in advance, $20 at the door
*Proceeds donated to The Muse! Thank you Francis!*

If you have your own hoops, feel free to bring them!

About Francis:
Francis Stallings is a hula hooper, aerialist, actress, and costume maker with a background in sculpture, education, and sports. She has performed throughout NYC cabaret and variety, night-life, theater, special events, and on cruise ships. 


Wei Wu Wei the Dao of Partnering with Damon Honeycutt
September 30th  -  10am-1pm

damon honeycutt pilobolus circus nyc brooklyn

Join Damon Honeycutt formerly of Pilobolus and Nai-Ni Chen for this unique partnering workshop!

Using the Five Transformative Elements of Daoism (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) we will explore the qualities of Stacking, Holding, Flowing, Rooting and, Pitching. This workshop will also address practical, communicative, and conceptual skills to help all levels of partnering.

Workshop Level: Beginner - Intermediate

About Damon:
Damon Honeycutt is a transdisciplinary warrior/artist who holds advanced degrees in both creative and analytical fields of study in tandem with professional experience that is multifaceted, informed and worldly. He has been accepted to SUNY Stonybrook Ph.D. in Music composition where he plans to do research on embodiment practices and their relationship to the creation of music. He holds an M.F.A. in Music Composition from The Vermont College of Fine Arts, an M.A. in Conscious Evolution and Integral Studies from The Graduate Institute and a B.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts where he did studies in both the Music and Dance departments. His martial teachers include Paulie Zink, the western inheritor of Da Sheng Pigua Men; Hu Jian Qiang, twice all-around Wushu champion of the People’s Republic of China; and Beijing Opera performer Qi Jian Guo.


Workshops with Mandi Orozco
(Intermediate/Advanced) Aerial Silks - October 12th - 5:30-7pm
Contortion-Style Stretching - October 15th - 2-4pm

Guest Workshop NYC Circus Mandi Orozco

Aerial Silks:

What makes one aerial act more captivating than another? Mandi has always been a big supporter of musicality and movement. Chances are, if you are considering an "intermediate to advanced" level workshop, you already have a decent amount of vocabulary. Although there will be some focus on new tricks or sequences, Mandi enjoys to focus on what can make existing sequences unique and special to its performer. 

We will explore the different ways of movement through sequences as a class and as individuals. We will work to see how a few simple accents in the right places can make all the difference in how a trick comes across. And finally, we will work on a sequence together and discover how that sequence can be transformed and expressed in totally different ways, making it unique to each person in the class.

Contortion-Style Stretching:

Striking the balance of strength and flexibility can be quite a challenge. In this workshop, we will follow one of Mandi's typical training routines. Her exercises will help to dig deeper into balancing both active and passive flexibility, learn what exercises can target strength and flexibility at the same time, how targeting certain areas can help increase overall flexibility, and how to maintain strong and healthy joints for years of happy bending for all levels of contortionist. And don't be intimidated by the word "contortionist", we can all learn how to stretch further, safely, and more effectively!

Pre-Registration: $40 (Ends the week before each workshop)
Late Registration: $45

About Mandi:
Mandi Orozco was born in Denver, Colorado, but grew up in Orlando, Florida. Her commitment to music dance and the arts began early. She was reading music and playing piano at 5 and began singing and dancing for both televised and live performances with Disney at the age of 8 with various celebrity artists including Stevie Wonder and Tim McGraw. She began formative dance training at the age of 12 and continued a rigid and disciplined dance regime until the age of 18 when she went to The National Circus School in Montreal.

Directly after graduating from The National Circus School in Montreal, Mandi was contracted with Cirque du Soleil as a main character to tour internationally with Dralion. After four years of international touring, Mandi moved to Berlin, where she is still currently based, and began working as a freelance artist. Mandi has worked for many prestigious projects including collaborations with Cirque du Soleil, 45 Degrees, 7 Fingers, Cirque Eloize, Palazzo, the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, Leather and Laces with John Travolta, numerous gala and special events, and continues to perform world-wide.


Cyr Wheel with Rachel Salzman
October 14th  -  2-4pm

Rachel Salzman NYC Circus Cyr Wheel Workshop

Rachel's approach to cyr wheel is heavily influenced by dance and puts emphasis on musicality. This workshop will focus not only developing new skills but also on creating fluid transitions and choreographing phrases of movement as opposed to just executing the individual tricks. We will also work on refining any of your pre-existing sequences and discovering the small details that will help to personalize skills. Come prepared with questions and anything you might be interested in learning as well as a few moves you already master to build a sequence. If you have music you'd like to spin with to feel free to bring it!

Workshop level: Open to all levels!
**Must bring your own wheel**
Pre-requisites: Should be able to do minimum 10 consecutive basic steps (otherwise known as waltz step) in the wheel.

About Rachel:

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel Salzman grew up in dancing at the School of American Ballet, but always dreamed of circus. After performing with contemporary dance companies for several years, Rachel discovered cyr wheel - the perfect melding of dance and acrobatics - at the National Circus School of Montreal in 2012. After graduation, Rachel went on to participate in the creation of the new Cirque du Soleil show “Luzia” and toured the United States and Canada from 2015-17. She now is based in France and has joined Cie. Puéril Péril in creating their new evening length show, which will premiere October 2018.


Technique Tune-Up: Because There Are Some Things You Can’t Unsee
Workshop with Laura Witwer
October 15th  -  5:30-6:30pm

  • Learn how to work inversions with consistently good technique - straight legs, pointed toes, and the one crucial element everyone forgets.
  • We’ll go through six common technique disasters and learn easy fixes - go from BLECH to BOOM in a jiffy.
  • What the heck is “technique stacking”? I’ll give you a hint: everything is connected. Learn how small changes in body position, mechanics, and progressions yield HUGE results everywhere in your training.
  • Do you love cosmetics? Well, even if you don’t, you still have to point your toes. We’ll look at the “beautifiers” (pointed toes, straight legs, long arms, etc.) that often elude us. How do you make them consistent? Find out!

About Laura:
Since 2001, Laura has been working around the world as a professional aerialist. Highlights include performing at the Olympic Stadium in Greece, Casino Estoril in Portugal, Las Vegas, The House of Blues in New Orleans, Sea World’s VIVA show, and hundreds more. She's toured with Cirque Productions, Cirque le Masque, Circus Nexus (lots of cirques!) – and more. In 2002, she teamed up with Angela Attia to form ImaginAerial, currently one of the top-ranked cirque-style companies in the world.
Laura has been teaching professionally for sixteen years, and pioneered many of the techniques, spotting positions, and safety guidelines used in teacher training all over the USA. Additionally, she is an ACE certified personal trainer, founding member of NYATA (NY Aerial Teachers Alliance), member of American Circus Educators, and holds specialty certifications in pre/postnatal training, increasing flexibility, athletic injury prevention, and more.


Dynamic Rope Tour with Emiliano Ron
October 24th, 25th & 26th
Level 1  -  6:30pm-9:30pm
Level 2  -  1:30pm-4:30pm


The Rope material of Emiliano Ron is focused on dynamic movement, such as beats, tempos and releases; and power movement requiring coordinated core strength. Many of the movements are unique and Emiliano is a leading contributor to the art of Corde Lisse. During the course, Emiliano will provide ample demonstration physically in addition to verbal instruction and correction.

The three days of work will build on one another, but students are also welcome to participate in any 2 days of their choice. There will be multiple ropes available at the course, lots of opportunity for one-on-one instruction from Emiliano and also plenty of time to practice the movements on your own.

Workshop Level Details:
Level 1 is for those who are at an intermediate level with some previous aerial rope experience.
Level 2 is for those who have worked with Emiliano previously and will be at an intermediate/advanced level.


About Emiliano:
Tireless spirit, Emiliano’s particular lifestyle has taken him to teach and perform in places as diverse as India, Sweden, Palestine, Israel, USA, Mexico, Austria, Argentina, Germany, Colombia, UK, Italy, Hungary, France, China, Costa Rica, Greece, Belgium,Brazil, Iceland, etc… With an academic background in Cinematography Arts (Editor and Director of Photography) and great passion for martial arts, punk rock, books and skateboarding, he decided to give up everything and become a circus performer.
He has become a living legend of the Rope, and divides his profession as an artist and teacher; The creation of new movements and the development of an eccentric, unique and particular style. A rope freak


Community Tech Workshop with Rob Williams
November 4th  -  5-6:30pm
$12 Suggested Donation

Community Workshop Tech NYC Circus Brooklyn

Join our Technical Director, Rob Darius Williams, for this rare tech workshop where you'll learn all about running a lighting system for theatrical performances!

This class will cover basic stage and three point lighting set up for live theatre.
You will also learn to keep in mind electrical loads and amperage-to-wattage ratios as to keep your performances running smoothly without damaging electrical systems. Learn basic trouble shooting and repair to those systems when they eventually do break down.


Rock Exotica Butterfly Lift Certification with Steven Santos of Simply Circus
November 8th from 11am-3pm

This certification will be hosted by Steven Santos!
The Muse is partnering with Performance Rigging Solutions and will be housing one of Rock Exotica's BRAND NEW Butterfly lifts!
If you've ever dreamed of rehearsing or performing your act rising and lowering with ease, this is for you.
Topics covered include inspection, setup, weighting of the lift, taking down the lift and basic lift operations. This is a required class to be able to purchase and operate the butterfly lift.

What does it do?
The Butterfly Lift is a complete manual counterweight flying system for payloads up to 350 lb in weight. With a Butterfly Lift you can:
- Swiftly lower a payload line to a stage.
- Attach a load or performer on the payload line.
- Immediately unlock a pre-set counterweight and raise/lower the performer with minimal manual effort.
- Smoothly fly the performer at variable speeds perfect for live performance. Max speed varies with operator technique and strength but speeds of 6 fps (feet per second) to 8 fps are typical.
- Dismount the performer from the apparatus while retaining control of the counterweight via a foot-operated locking system.
- Immediately retract the payload line from view.

Price: $400