Guest Workshops


Doubles Trapeze Workshop with Charlie Caplan-Wilson
July 19th from 5-7pm


In this two-hour long, intermediate-level workshop, participants will dive in by learning basic doubles moves and shapes on the trapeze. The second part of the workshop will focus on sequencing these shapes together for a cohesive taste of patterning on this apparatus.

Intermediate Level
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of static trapeze, dance trapeze or lyra.

About Charlie:
Charlie Caplan Wilson is a recent graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. She spent the duration of her three year degree specializing in Static Trapeze and has worked with Circa, Circumference and Ockham's Razor.


Multi Hoop For All with Chloe Walier
July 23rd from 5-6:30pm

Looking to clean up and develop your technique for multi style circus hooping? Look no further than Chloe Somers Walier! This is an open level workshop for hoopers who are comfortable hooping around waist, neck, and knees. If you want to clean up your hooping and learn from the best, now is your chance!
Open to all levels.

About Chloe:
Chloe is an international award winning circus and variete performer. Her performance is like the perfect cocktail: sweet, strong and makes you feel alive. She has been described as "marvelous", darling, dangerous and delightful" and "spectacular." She performs an ecstatic one woman show as well as circus-style acts and has been a director for La Tropa Suculenta, a choreographer with Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour and a head coach at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She is currently on a 6 month solo tour of the USA.


Aerial Games Workshop with Charlie Caplan-Wilson
July 26th from 4-7pm


Be fit, get connected, and have fun in this three-hour workshop led by Charlie Caplan-Wilson! Participants will engage in a load of creative games to learn how to navigate a variety of aerial apparatuses. Good for all levels, each game can be adapted to suit the experience of each participant. Get re-familiar, develop new ideas, and most importantly, play!

Pre-Requisites: A basic understanding of either static trapeze, dance trapeze or lyra.


German Wheel with Carly Schuna
August 12th from 7-9pm


In this workshop, you’ll advance the wheel skills you already have by learning and refining forward and backward flips, stomach rock skills, free flying, bridges, hip circles, and more. Some prior experience is required; participants must be able to get their shoulders through the wheel in a sit rock, perform a high stomach rock independently, and be completely comfortable with cartwheels and push-up cartwheels.

About Carly:
Carly Schuna is a four-time (2014-2017) women's national champion in wheel gymnastics and a certified German wheel coach through the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation. She has competed, performed, trained, and coached throughout the United States as well as in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Carly is also a founder and executive board member of the Madison Circus Space, where she regularly teaches recreational wheel classes and coaches a competitive wheel team that includes both current junior national champions.


Acrobatrix Flexibility Workshop
August 15th & September 24th from 7:30-9:30pm
$55 per workshop


This workshop is for people who are passionate about improving their knowledge and body from within a flexibility practice. Leah will be teaching active and passive exercises with a focus on shoulders, hips, bridges, and splits. Through humor, practicality, and efficiency, Leah will take students through a variety of clever stretches, using techniques ranging from Russian, Mongolian, Chinese and Canadian styles of Contortion. Want to understand how to open your shoulders in a bridge? Centimeters away from a full split but you just can't figure out why? Breakthroughs will happen in Leah’s workshops. They always do.

LEVEL: All levels- The cool thing about this workshop is that a high level contortionist and a beginner level yogi will equally enjoy it. I have taught this workshop with those students in attendance (and everyone along that spectrum) and they have all had a great time. 

Comfort moving and stretching with ease. Experience in a movement art (Dance, Aerials, Circus, Acro,Yoga) is recommended. We will be working on splits and backbends in the workshop, but it is not necessary to master either of those concepts to attend. If you are injured/pregnant but would like to observe to take notes, email the studio and we can figure something out.

About Leah of Acrobatrix:
Leah is a professional contortionist, circus artist, and coach and staying in New York for August and September! All year long she tours the country teaching and performing contortion and partner acrobatics! She is known in the contortion community for her Instagram tutorials @acrobatrix and is always trying to find a clever and fun way to bring comedy into (sometimes painful) stretching.

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Kid Cirque Club - Fall Semester
Each Wednesday from September 12th - December 19th
$345 (if purchased by August 27th)
$360 (regular price)

Looking for a unique after-school experience for your little one? Join the circus and sign up for Fall Semester at The Muse Brooklyn. This fifteen-week session will allow kids to learn and grow a variety of circus skills just in time for Winter Break, and maybe even Winter Circus Camp!

Kids will have a chance to learn and play on:
- Aerial silks
- Lyra
- Trapeze
- Juggling
- Tumbling
- Wheel
and more!