Guest Workshops

NYC Guest Workshops

Workshop with Xochital Sosa
The Art of Duo - Trapeze
April 12th, 7pm - 9pm - $60

Partnering is about finding movement and weight with another human being. This workshop will cover fundamental partnering on trapeze as well as covering solid technique for basing and lifting. This workshop will also go into improv and tools on how to find individual movement with a partner.

Pre-Requisites: Must be able to invert on an apparatus. No partner is required for this workshop.

About Xochitl:

Xochitl Sosa is an Oakland based aerial performer and instructor. In her youth, she was a competitive figure skater and varsity softball player. She discovered aerial acrobatics as a camper at Camp Winnarainbow, in northern California; over time, she progressed from student to head of the camp’s aerial program.
In 2012, after helping establish Sky Candy, an aerial school in Austin, Texas, Xochitl was accepted to the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA.) In NECCA’s year-long professional program, Xochitl concentrated on dance and duo trapeze under renowned coaches Aimee Hancock, Serenity Smith, and Elsie Smith. After graduating, she continued her training in Montreal with coaches from Cirque du Soleil and the famed National Circus School: Rachel Walker, Victor Fomine, Chloe Farah, and Itzel Virguenza.
In addition to static, single point, and duo trapeze, Xochitl has extensive experience performing on vertical apparatus such as silks and rope. Her work is inspired by a variety of forms including Latin and modern dance. She has performed nationally and internationally, with such companies as: Circovencion Mexican Circus, Vespertine Circus, and Acrobatic Conundrum.
When she is not performing, Xochitl teaches both recreational and professional students at Kinetic Arts (Oakland, CA), the San Francisco Circus Center (San Francisco, CA), and at workshops across the US and Mexico.

Chloe Walier Healthy Hips, Backbends, Splits.jpg

Workshops with Chloe Walier

April 23rd 

Pre-Registration $50/workshop, Week-of Registration $60/workshop

Come join Chloe Walier as she gets your spine and splits in healthy shape! Details below:

12:15 - 1:45pm Bending Over Backward: Functional Mobility
This workshop is for those who aspire to feel the fluidity of a healthy and mobile spine! We will focus on effective ways to warm up your back, evaluate posture to alleviate pain, mobilize the spine, find shapes (for the artist in you!) and tools for you to push tight spots in your back.
Pre-requisites: A good attitude, a want to work hard, a 15 second bridge hold, the ability to push up into a bridge by yourself.

2 - 3:30pm Splits: Happy and Healthy Hips
A workshop for everybody! Flexibility is an aspect of circus, yoga, dance, theater, acrobatics, posture, longevity and comfort. Maintaining flexibility can alleviate back pain, improve posture, gain new skills, bring a whole new level to your fitness and accessibility to new tricks! This workshop focuses on mobilizing the legs and hips for optimal performance and pain free splits! We will do a series of stretches and mobilizers in an environment where you can ask questions and leave with stretches you can work on on your own. This workshop will increase your active flexibility, lines and speed of warm up with a mixture of pre-hab (injury prevention), expanding range of motion and conditioning your happy hips!
Pre-requisites: A good attitude and a want to work hard

Chloe can be described most appropriately as, “effervescent.” What she brings to the stage bubbles and pops, forcing you to smile with her. Chloe has trained at NECCA, the Celebration Barn Theater, LarVa Teatro, Katakomben, and Totem. She has performed at the Periplo International Circus Festival, as well as the Zelta Karlis Festival, where she won the Circus Artist Association Special Prize Award. Chloe regularly performs nationally and internationally and is currently in creation for her one woman variety show.
You can follow Chloe's adventures at and


Workshops with Ariel Schmidtke -- May 6th

11am - 12:30pm - Shadow Puppet Storytelling
Ariel’s inspiration for working with light and shadows came about while spending a winter in Anchorage, Alaska. She found coping with the long days of darkness challenging, until she decided she needed a change of perspective. She realized that shadow puppets only exist through their interaction with the darkness, and her “shadow cards” are her method of cutting through the darkness with light.

In this workshop students will learn about telling their own stories through light and shadow. From designing a full narrative through shadow puppetry, or simply creating expository pieces for a longer physical performance, students will work with different methods of creating their own shadow puppets.

Age Range: All Ages
Prerequisites: None
Price: $35-$50 sliding scale

1 - 2:30pm - Aerial Choreography and Act Creation

This advanced level workshop builds upon tricks and skills already learned in order to begin the process of act creation and refinement. Students will explore some of the basics of Laban Movement Analysis, especially the Laban efforts and how to incorporate them into choreography. Starting with a series of tricks on their preferred apparatus, students will focus on how to combine movements with transitions and intention. Students will also learn to be members of effective aerial critique groups and the process of providing praise and criticism for their peers.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Age Level: 8+
Apparatuses: Silk, Trapeze, Corde Lisse
Prerequisites: Capable of 3-5 minutes air time, ability to invert, ability to perform several moves in a sequence
Price: $35-50 sliding scale

About Ariel:

Ariel Schmidtke is an interdisciplinary physical performer and multimedia artist. Encouraged at a young age by gymnastics she began training as an aerialist with the Dream Science Circus at the age of eighteen. Ariel spent several years studying dance, theatre, and circus arts in order to diversify her performances. In 2010 she joined the New Old Time Chautauqua Tour, and was inspired by their mission to bring entertainment and education to diverse rural communities with the intention of inspiring creativity and supporting community. After this tour she traveled to Paris, France to explore the origins of Nouveau Cirque and expand her performance skills. In France, she trained intensively at the Académie Fratellini and enriched her approach to circus dramaturgy. She returned to the United States in 2012, and continues to travel and perform her work, hoping to share wonder and excitement with small communities across the country.