October 1st at 8pm

Presented by Artist-in-Residence - Street Cirque

Pre-Sale: $15
Door Price: $20

After years of peaceful coexistence, the Roman Empire attempts to capitalize on the death of a Celtic ruler. However, instead of expanding their power, they trigger a full scale rebellion led by the indomitable Boudicca, a woman intent on leading her daughters and people to freedom. Street Cirque takes this historic tale to the circus in their second production. One night only, don't miss this original depiction of "Boudicca."

Company Bio: Street Cirque is a NY based production company which focuses on integrating circus with traditional theater to create truly unique pieces. Previous productions include "Moulin Rouge: A Circus Adaptation." Keep up with our latest news and exploits at: www.facebook.com/streetcirque


October 8th at 7:30pm

a night of gratitude

Gratitude Invitation NYC Events Brooklyn.png

We’ve officially wrapped up our Generosity campaign, and The Muse is so grateful for each and every one of you. Your efforts, donations, attendance, and shares have helped The Muse stay afloat and now, we’re focusing on YOU.

The Muse is so excited to present An A-MUSE-ing Maze, a night of Immersive Cabaret and Gratitude. Join us on October 8 at 7:30pm for a different kind of show, where our host will guide you through a series of surprise performances throughout the studio space and newly renovated backyard. Featuring The Muse Brooklyn and ABCirque’s exclusive cast, this will be a specially curated night of top-notch entertainment between pop up dance parties, performances, raffles, and vendors selling tasty treats and fall-festive crafts.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale. If you’ve donated or hosted a class/workshop specifically to help The Muse, your admission is COMPLETELY FREE. You will receive a special invitation and all that we ask is that you RSVP.


Night Witches Phase II - Fall Tour
October 21st at 9pm
October 22nd at 6:30pm

A New Play about the WWII Soviet Female Fighter Pilots

Night Witches WW2 Brooklyn Bushwick NYC

The second installment of developing Night Witches - 
The 588th Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, formed by Marina Raskova - a Russian Amelia Earhart - it was the only unit to remain exclusively female throughout the war. In the dead of night, they flew repurposed crop dusting biplanes to bomb Nazi forces on the front lines. This is their story.

The Night WItches or “nacthexen,” were named by the Germans for the “whooshing” sound of their repurposed Polikarpov-2 (PO-2) crop-dusting biplanes, made of canvas and plywood, as they dropped bombs. The Night Witches, were one of three female units in the 122nd Air Group, founded by aviatrix Marina Raskova, a Russian equivalent of Amelia Earhart in celebrity and skill. The women ranged between ages 19 and 26 years old. Of the 112 members, 24 of them were named “Hero of the Soviet Union”, and became the most decorated regiment in Soviet history. The regiment flew for 3 ½ years, completing more than 24,000 nighttime bombing missions across the Eastern Front.

In April 2017, Elena Kritter and six other female theater artists from New York City, Boston, and the Dominican Republic devised NIGHT WITCHES in artist residency in a crop-dusting airplane hangar on Ground Rush Farm in Culpeper, VA. It was developed from scratch in just one month, with script, direction, sets, and costumes all created by the artists. At Ground Rush, they had access to crop-dusting helicopters as well as an airplane hangar for research and inspiration. They read Anne Noggle’s, A Dance With Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II (a compilation of interviews done with surviving Night Witches in 1992) and other research on the lives of the female pilots. The farm's aesthetic was similarly inspirational – the artists incorporated found materials, flood-lights, and a contemporary perspective on the women's uniforms into the project.

“We are interested in engaging with the New York City creative community to help this show take flight,” says Executive Producer Elena Kritter. “We’re performing in The MUSE because we believe it best encapsulates the aesthetic of an airplane hangar, and supports the rouge theatrical elements of the show.” Through conventional realism, physical theatre, music, dance, acroyoga, shadow puppetry, as well as source material directly from Anne Noggle’s book, the audience comes into immediate contact with the women's stories. In this shared space, the audience witnesses a young generation of women embodying the courage, endurance, and sisterhood of a former generation of women once lost to history. Night Witches was devised and created by 7 female interdisciplinary theater-makers– drafting a script in just 3 weeks, staging, lights, costumes, soundscapes, to name a few.

There were seven sold-out and 5-star reviewed workshop performances in the The Hangar on Ground Rush Farm, Lynchburg College, and at the William Esper Studio in New York City. Since their first round of performances, the creators and actors have met with members of the 99’s - the International Organization of Female Pilots - who attended the show and have since set into motion connecting with the Air and Space Museum in Virginia. They also met with the Warrenton Chapter of the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society to share their story. In June they attended the Virginia event “Women Can Fly,” which empowers women in aviation through free flying lessons. Most recently, they have been featured for their aviation research in the National Agricultural Aviation Association magazine’s Summer 2017 issue.