Artists in Residence

Are you an aspiring artist needing space? Apply to The Muse Brooklyn’s Artist-in-Residence program and become part of our community of high-flyers and artists. At the Muse, we are well-acquainted with the hustle -- we know that artists do not necessarily have the resources to produce the work of their dreams. Our Artists-in-Residence receive support from the Muse on all fronts: with discounted or free rehearsal space, reduced event rental rates, and access to materials and promotional support. We make it possible for emerging artists to incubate new works that add dynamism and depth to the growing world of circus arts in NYC. 

Application Process

Please fill out our event rental questionnaire with detailed info about your proposed concept.
Please also send an email to with further information about your rehearsal needs, creative vision, and work history.


Coming this summer!


Ordinary Creatures

by Big Teeth Performance Collective
July 21, 2019
Doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm

Ordinary Creatures is a project about monsters: the kind that grow out of the ground, the cuddly kind, the ones who wear lipstick, hide in the cellar, who aren’t sorry, and the ones you won’t admit to. Our monsters live in the dirt, cross centuries, wait at the threshold, glitter with unboxable facets, are freakish and loving, have coffee in the morning, help us pick out what to wear, and break every mirror in the house.

This Summer 2019, we bring to you an evening length show that emerges from the intersection of poetics and gore, femme fatale and everyday chores, virtuosic human sculpture and every stretch mark we’ve ever earned. Through physical narrative, aerial acrobatics, vibrant ensemble exploration, and more questions than answers, we present a thoroughly satisfying evening on the nature of beauty, the grotesque, and how we are all stitched together.

$22 pre-sale price and $25 at the door price

Coated - Open RIng Circus - The Muse.png

Coated: The 1944 Circus Fire Project

by Open Ring Circus
September 8, 2019

The Hartford Circus Fire Project is a commemorative exploration of the 1944 circus fire. This show delves into its historical impact and its relationship to our modern experience of tragic events. Through the lens of contemporary circus, we endeavor to honor the contributions and significance of the traditional traveling circus in American culture. We will juxtapose live circus-theatre performance, video projection, audio collage, and original music to weave a multimedia story that memorializes the past and prompts discussion of the future. This show will explore the moments leading up to the fire, the fire itself, the community response in the aftermath, and the ripple effect of the event’s historical legacy. This project is supported by the Connecticut Arts Council, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and Fractured Atlas.

Ticket Prices:
Adult Door: $35
Adult Advance: $30
Adult Early Bird: $25
Youth/Student/Senior/Military Door: $25
Youth/Student/Senior/Military Advance: $20
Youth/Student/Senior/Military Early Bird: $15
(Early bird 3 weeks out from event)

You can find Open Ring Circus on Instagram at @openringcircus


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Born in Sichuan, China, artist Millie Li focuses on abstracted forms of internal bodies, which she deems "portraits of the universal, visceral bond of all sensuous life forms". A graduate of Columbia University with Departmental Honors in Film Studies, Li has worked for Tony and Academy-Award-winning producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men) and Michael Hausman (Brokeback Mountain) and was an animator for comedian Negin Farsad's Nerdcore Rising and 3rd Street Blackout. Li also co-produced The Land Is Stale, an independent mystery-thriller web series. Li was the former Administrative Director and Marketing Manager for the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) -- a circus arts and modern dance training facility, performing arts space, and home to MacArthur 'Genius' Award Fellow Elizabeth Streb and her Extreme Action dance company!

See Millie's artwork on the walls of The Muse!
Photos by: Joel Bischoff