Our adult classes are generally geared towards students who are 18+ years of age.  However, exceptions can be made for those who are younger on a case-by-case basis.

Dress Code for All Classes: Please wear moveable, tight-flitting clothing that covers the backs of your knees and your armpits, and be prepared to take off your shoes and socks. Remove all jewelry before hopping onto any person or apparatus! See individual class descriptions below with additional requirements for German Wheel, Chinese Pole and Cyr Wheel.

Acro Standing Circus

Get off the floor and take your acro training to the next level (literally)! Together we will move beyond L-basing to explore dynamic standing moves and two-highs. Previous acro experience is required.

AcroBalance and Games (Open Level)

Partner Acrobatics for teams of one, two, three, four or more! Work on coordination, proprioceptive awareness, and acrobatics while building communication skills and mutual trust. We guarantee you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve. No previous experience or partner necessary.  

Advanced Aerial Silks

Advanced aerial fabric is designed to teach more technical moves & combinations as well as refine old vocabulary. By breaking down the 'how' & 'why' of the fabric physics & theory, aerialists will be able to put their current knowledge to use in more complicated drops & sequences as well as deconstruct & reverse engineer old movement for better efficiency & visual impact. Class will end in a brief freestyle.
Skills Required:

  • Must be able to invert in the air 3 times on each side.
  • Must be able to execute a hipkey in the air.

Advanced Stretching for Dummies

Explore both active and passive flexibility postures to safely increase functional mobility range. Move through sequences that will have you folding, squeezing, splitting, and twisting your body in ways you never thought you could -- sometimes with partner assistance!

In Advanced Stretching for Dummies, the instructor emphasizes multiple options for doing each exercise to make it accessible for all levels. The class is meant to be a non-threatening stretch class for anyone at any level looking to gain a deeper understanding of how their flexibility can be improved. 

Aerial Silks Partnering

Fly with a friend in aerial partnering class. This class will focus  how to safely execute duo work in the air. No partner is necessary. Students will rotate as bases and flyers to experience working with different body types. 
Skills Required:

  • Must be able to get into a cross back straddle.
  • Must be able to do 2 pull ups.
  • Must be able to invert 4 times in the air consecutively.

Aerial Rope (Corde Lisse) Technique

This class covers safe body mechanics for aerial while exploring rope-specific skills and choreographic tools. Learn the theory behind how manipulating the rope creates movement pathways for tricks and choreography while also staying responsible to your body's functional health. Intermediate level class, some aerial experience needed. It is recommended to wear clothes that cover your waist, backs of knees, and ankles.
Skills Required:

  • Comfortable climbing at least halfway up the apparatus multiple times within a class
  • 3 pushups 
  • 2-3 pullups 
  • Inversions from the ground 
  • 2 skin-the-cats
  • Can hold an inverted straddle for 10 seconds

Aerial Silks 2

Take your silks training to the next level! This class will focus on conditioning, more strength based moves, and advanced sequences.
Skills Required:

  • Be able to climb to the top of the silk
  • Execute foot locks in the air 
  • Be able to invert in the air

Aerial Silks and Rope Combo Class

Two apparatuses for the price of one! Explore the interplay between silks and corde lisse to expand your command of these two unique but deeply connected apparatuses. Previous aerial experience is required -- this is an intermediate class.  

Aerial Straps

A balanced mix of aerial straps technique, physical preparation, core work and shoulder prehab.  Regular students will master common single & double strap transitions and receive coaching to help develop their own unique voice. The class is appropriate for all levels.

Ballet Barre with Ayla

The ballet class that is not all about ballet. Yes, we'll do plies and tendus and all that, but the goal of this class is to increase body awareness in order to strengthen lines, movement quality and coordination. We'll use ballet vocabulary to explore opposing energies in the body and building texture into movement to create strong (classical or not) shapes in the air and on the ground. And have some fun too! All levels welcome.

Beginning Aerial Silks

Learn to climb, twirl, and wrap yourself up with grace and style. This class is open to the newest aerialists and those with a little more experience under their belt. You will learn climbs, poses, and basic sequencing as you develop your strength and stamina.

Beginning Lyra

Surprise yourself with your ability to look stunning spinning in a hoop midair! This class is geared towards students with little to no aerial experience. We will focus on building a foundation of strength and flexibility, taking time to break down the basics, and making sure you have the tools you need to fly. We'll get comfortable hanging upside down from various limbs, spinning, and transitioning from pose to pose in the hoop, eventually expanding our aerial vocabulary into sequences. 

Chinese Pole

Learn how to stand, leg-hang, invert, and spin on the pole just like a monkey in the jungle. This apparatus is designed to work your strength to the maximum -- be prepared to go hard. You will be defying gravity in no time.
     Class requirements: Full length jean pants, non outdoor rubber sole shoes. Feviue brand recommended. Feviue can be purchased at martial arts stores, online, Chinatown, and usually run approximately $24. Keds and Converse are also acceptable as long as they haven't been worn outdoors or on NYC streets! These two items will keep you safe on the pole and protect your skin as well as help you execute moves safely and properly.

Cyr Wheel

Picture a giant metal hula-hoop the size of you, then picture yourself spinning around inside that hoop like a coin. Thats what we learn in Cyr wheel class, the simple single-ring apparatus for beautiful dancer-like movements that give the performer a sense of gliding on air. Seriously, google "Cyr Wheel." Its amazing.
     Please wear comfortable clothing to class, athletic sneakers are required. 

Donation-based yoga:

Torrie teaches slow burn vinyasa classes with a keen eye to alignment and plenty of hands on adjustments. Her inspiration comes from many modalities including: Iyengar, Anusara, power yoga and circus flexibility. 


Explore both active and passive flexibility postures to safely increase functional mobility range. Move through sequences that will have you folding, squeezing, splitting, and twisting your body in ways you never thought you could -- sometimes with partner assistance!

German Wheel

The German Wheel is a giant hamster wheel for humans. Come spin with us -- in no time you will be flipping, rolling, and standing on top of the wheel world. Not to be missed!
     Shoes are required (martial arts or canvas shoes are ideal).


Unlike your traditional backyard hammock, our aerial hammocks give you the ability to spin, fly, and dance a dynamic aerial dance. No matter your skill level or strength, you will be challenged to move, climb, spin, drop, and flow in this exciting class.  


Learn how to invert with ease and make standing on your hands as easy as standing on your feet! In this class you will learn how to condition yourself to be able to get into and hold a handstand. No previous experience necessary.

Harness Play, Bungee and Wall running

Have you ever wanted to stand on a wall? Experience the world from a different angle? With wall running, harness play, and bungee, you will perfect your superhero skills in no time. Be prepared to run horizontally, flip, and defy gravity just like Spiderman. Sneakers are recommended.

Intro to Lyra

Come learn how to lyra! This is class is built for absolute beginners to aerial and circus arts. It also welcomes beginners looking to build good foundations and technique to safely approach their aerial journey. Class will concentrate on students gaining strength and understanding of their body up in the air. Come play!
No previous experience required!


Have you never touched a juggling prop in your life? Or are you working on perfecting your seven ball cascade? Either way this class is right for you. Shane Miclon has been juggling and performing for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of people to juggle.  The class will focus on proper form solo juggling and partner juggling for more advanced students!

Lyra (open level)

Explore your range of motion in the quintessential circus apparatus. You’ll explore basic poses and fluid choreography, exciting drops and spins. This class does not require previous aerial experience, and we welcome folks with a little experience under their belt or none at all.

Lyra 2

Take your aerial hoop training to the next level! This class will focus on conditioning, dynamic and strength based moves, and advanced sequences.
Skills Required:

  • Ability to invert into the hoop unassisted
  • Ability to execute 2-3 pull ups

Partner Acro Flow (Open Level)

Explore L-basing and standing acro as a flow, not just individual poses. Expect to train hard and push the limits of what you may have thought was possible for you. Meet new acro friends and partners, while expanding your communication skills and trust. Partner not necessary.

Multi-Apparatus Intro to Aerial

If you've always wanted to try aerial but don't know where to start, then this class is for you! We will focus on building the strength and technique needed for all types of aerial work, and you will have the opportunity to explore and learn skills on a variety of aerial apparatuses.

Open Workout Training

Please see our Open Workout Policy page for more information

Open Acro Jam

Dedicated two hour time slot for working on existing acro skills, and experimenting in a safe supervised environment with friends! Previous experience is recommended. Please wear comfortable and moveable clothing.


Static trapeze is an extremely versatile apparatus as it has multiple spaces to explore including underneath the bar, on the bar, and above the bar within the ropes.  Together we will build a foundational vocabulary, learn new skills, discover new entrances and exits, challenge your endurance with long sequences, and increase strength with difficult conditioning exercises.


Tumbling classes begin with a fun warm-up and stretch to build a strong flexibilty and strength practice. In this class we will learn basic gymnastic skills in a supportive environment. You’ll be careening across the mats in no time!

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